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“Gay Rights” Activist Rants about Homosexuality and the Pope


Editor’s Note: Please be advised that the contents in this story and in the associated video are graphic in nature.

Dan Savage has come under major fire over the past two weeks following an inappropriate speech he gave to high school journalism students. But a separate story that has gone somewhat underreported occurred in the days following that controversy, during an address Savage gave at Elmhurst College in Elmhurst, Illinois, on Sunday.

During his speech, Savage and a conservative activist apparently got into a debate — one that caused the activist to be kicked out. Additionally, the controversial founder of the “It Gets Better” campaign made some comments about the Pope that some may find generally unappealing.

Savage was apparently invited by the college to address students about his “It Gets Better” campaign. An announcement on the Elmhurst web site promoted the free and public event. While the college is saying that that the talk went off without a hitch, Peter LaBarbera, the founder of the group Americans for Truth About Homosexuality (an organization that works to expose the so-called “radical homosexual agenda”) has a very different view.

LaBarbera has called the discussion crude and inappropriate. On the flip side, Elmhurst spokeswoman Desiree Chen says that it was a success that included ”a great mix of people of all ages.” According to the college, 1,200 people showed up to the event.

Now, here’s where things get interesting. LaBarbera also claims he was unfairly removed from the event after questioning Savage and his past tactics. Here‘s what CNS News’ Lauren Thompson reported earlier this week:

Read More at The Blaze. By Billy Hallowell.


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