Barack Obama speech 11 SC

WASHINGTON, D.C. – President Barack Obama delivered a direct, forceful inaugural address Monday, during which he promised the continuation of a large national government and socially progressive platform to a lackluster crowd who at times seemed more interested in their cell phones than his speech.

Despite the president’s sharply ideological tone – perhaps to fire up his base for his second term – the crowd gathered on the National Mall failed to catch the emotional fever pitch. It remains to be seen what, if any, role the strong smell of the marijuana smoke in one part of the Mall played on the crowd’s demeanor.

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To be sure, a few people around me radiated excitement at first.

“Mama!” one child cried after her mother shouted Obama’s name and cheered.

“Don’t you hush me,” the woman said. “That’s my president. You’d be yelling the same at a football game.”

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Others in the crowd didn’t quite share her enthusiasm. Chants of “O-Bam-A” rippled toward the back of the crowd where I stood but died off in less than fifteen seconds as visitors lowered their cell phones and resumed texting or looking at pictures they just took. Behind me, one or two people tried to start chants again; they never took off.

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