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Exposed: The Pro-Obama Media’s Latest Distortion Of Reality


There are lots of ways the media can distort the truth.

Remember the Public Policy Polling (PPP) survey of North Carolina voters following Barack Obama’s evolution on gay “marriage?” A June PPP survey contained glaringly bad news for Obama.

While PPP’s May survey showed Obama winning black voters support by the normal 87/11, that number had shifted a month later to 76/20, and Obama’s approval rating among African Americans had gone from 86% to 77%. Romney’s approval among Black North Carolinians doubled to 18% – which makes a 20% black vote for him in the Tar Heel State quite believable.  There have been no major surveys of African American voters since mid-June.

A June survey of Jewish voters in New York was conducted by Siena College. It also held some very bad news for Barack Obama. Siena found that New York’s Jewish voters are cooling toward him. It reported that in just one month, the percentage of Jewish support for Obama had fallen from a seriously low 62% to an unthinkable 51% with no end to the free fall in sight. To the standard “right track/wrong track” questions, 62% of those surveyed said America is on the wrong track. Thirteen percent said they were better off because of Obama’s policies, while 41% said they are worse off now.  The last major poll of Jewish voters is now 60 days old.  A Gallup national survey of Jewish voters done at the same time found 64% of Jews supporting Obama. This is 14 points less than the 78% he got in 2008.

A Gallup survey in June that concentrated on the sentiments of union-connected voters brought still more bad news for Obama and probably brought the panicked Richard “Fifth Amendment” Trumka to make his stereotypically stupid comment that was going to fix Obama’s  “White guy problem.”

The survey showed that compared to 2008 (when 67% of union voters supported Obama), that support today has dropped to 58%, and Romney is getting 5% more of this group than John McCain did.

Why aren’t these groups being surveyed? One would think the Left would want to highlight these groups. They MUST have come “back to their senses” by now, right?

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