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Exposed: Obama’s Plan To Enslave Us


America’s fundamental transformation is already being planned by Barack Obama as he looks forward to his second term to change our beloved land into his vision of Marxism.  Are you better off under his guidance than you were four years ago when an unknown candidate of unknown origin and unknown citizenship was crowned by Democrats and their media comrades?

 Leaked details of a new book, “Fool Me Twice” reveal Obama’s plan to change the country he hates into his vision of a new world order here on the North American continent.  Authors Aaron Klein and Brenda J. Elliott reveal the following progressive paradigm already on the drawing board:

-Executive Order granting widespread amnesty by removal of H-1B visas and green cards and denuding our Border Patrol

-federal solutions and huge bureaucracies to disperse America’s new immigrants throughout every sector of life

-revisiting FDR’s WPA construct of the 1930s, setting up the huge Works Progress Administration federal jobs paradigm

-new National Infrastructure Bank to finance and control virtually every U.S. infrastructure

-drastic slashing of the military budget and grabbing control from Congress to severely reduce the U.S. Armed Forces

-Green stimulus programs and an “Energy Trust”

-Single-payer health care under tight control of Obama’s federal government

To get on the waiting list to buy this shocking expose of Obama’s plans to remake the United States in his image, go to

Slated for an August 7 roll-out, this book uncovers a frightening template of actual plans by Obama’s top strategy gurus in the progressive movement!

As citizens in their 50s, 60s,70s, and 80s begin winding down, we now are facing the realization that we only have just begun to fight to save America for our own children and especially for the grandchildren we dearly love.  Because younger generations simply have not been taught the glory of America’s history, nor taught the fact that freedom of all individuals comes from our Creator and not from any overweening government, we elders again need to come forward, now!  The failure of government schools to teach in loving and proud ways our American way of life now is coming back to bite all citizens.

One entry on this article’s net thread says it all: “Obama is the most visible enemy of the PEOPLE and the Constitution ever.  His reign of terror is increasing by the hour and his trampling of the Constitution is so evident it is a good reason for his impeachment ASAP!”

You can call up Congress toll free at 1-877-762-8762, and keep calling them at their home offices this summer until someone somewhere steps up to the plate to save America from a Progressive Europe here in no-longer-free America.

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