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Exposed: Obama’s 2012 Strategy


This piece was published on September 23rd, 2011 on Coach is Right. Has Mitt Romney followed in John McCain’s timid, politically fearful footsteps, afraid to use Marxist and Barack Obama in the same sentence? Or, with less than 2 months until election day, has Romney taken the fight to Obama, proving himself unafraid of a race card waiting for play by the Regime and its wholly owned MSM subsidiary?


With little more than a year remaining before the 2012 vote, even the hyper-arrogant Barack Obama must be getting a bit edgy about his dwindling chances of re-election.

Three years ago, mouthing vacuous speeches and making vacant promises,   Obama lied, schemed, and intimidated his way into the White House while his campaign committee of left-wing journalists provided critical cover for personal and political histories that would have doomed the candidate had they seeped through the wall of media silence.

But although Obama could be presented as a relatively “unknown quantity”  prior to the 2008 election and depend upon media lackeys to fill in the blanks with predictably glowing reports of towering intellect and limitless ability,  those days are now gone.

For as this radical leftist’s Regime has displayed deep red colors from day one,  renewed claims of post-racial harmony;  a moderate political agenda; or murky,  feel-good screeds about hope and change will not sell this time around to any but the most rabid of the Obama base.

After all, though much of the public may know nothing of the White House-inspired Solyndra and Fast and Furious scandals or the $3 trillion Obama has added to the national debt,  voters do understand 10% unemployment and $4.00 per gallon gasoline.

So how does Barack Hussein Obama plan to be re-elected?

He could run on the accomplishments of his first term, but there haven’t BEEN any. Even the ObamaCare debacle,  so enthusiastically hyped by the mainstream media and the Democrat- controlled Congress, has now become a topic so patently radioactive that Democrat candidates have been forsworn from its very mention.

We know that massive election fraud will take place across the country next year with illegals voting in large numbers and at as many polling places as can be comfortably reached by SEIU- chartered bus.

But even with Hispanic populations growing at a breakneck pace,  it will not be enough to put Obama over the top (as it did Harry Reid).

In the final outcome, although Obama will again depend upon his herd of media eunuchs, fraud at the poll,s and the historically foolish voting habits of females,  he knows his best chance of winning rests with the Republican candidate.

For Barack Obama doesn’t expect to win the 2012 election. He expects the Republican candidate to lose it!

He hopes to face another weak sister, more terrified at the prospect of being labeled a racist than of the wholesale destruction a Chicago thug is wreaking on his country.

Three years ago, John McCain’s cowardice and pathetically unrelenting deference to the skin color of his opponent drove more conservative voters from the polls than Black Panthers with night sticks.

And it is just that sort of fear that Obama is counting on in 2012. A Republican candidate willing to speak plainly of the villainy and malefaction of our Marxist President, represent the will of voters, and do battle for the well-being of the nation will win the election,  probably by a sizeable margin.

But a candidate who follows in the craven footsteps of John McCain will provide 4 additional years of rule to the most dangerous enemy the United States has ever known. And this is a fate we cannot afford.

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