Barack Obama.

It all makes sense now.

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Putting the openly communist Van Jones in charge of vast power over the economy, who after being outed to this day is seeking rioting and revolution.

Gorging the government with far-Left radicals from the EPA to the NLRB.

Dividing the country with class envy and racial hatred.

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Spending the country into oblivion.


The New York years.

We knew nothing about it until March 2, when David Maraniss excerpted a large portion of his upcoming biography, trying to substantiate a past for a man that has no past.

Addresses. Names of girlfriends. Dates.

Genevieve Cook in 1984 wrote in her journals of the ‘sexual warmth’ of one Barack Hussein Obama.

Genevieve Cook in 1984 while dating Barack Hussein Obama was attending Bank Street College of Education.

Bill Ayers was also attending this same college in 1984.

And Barack Hussein Obama lived right around the corner.

It all makes sense now.

There’s a radical in the White House.

Watch the video that proves Barack Hussein Obama was literally a five-minute walk from Bill Ayers’ apartment, the man who spent the 1970s setting bombs and plotting for a communist revolution.