Exclusive: New York Times Lacks Credibility


By Congressman Lamar Smith, Boycott the New York Times


Photo credit:  niallkennedy (Creative Commons)

After years of biased reporting — reaching a new low with the most one-sided coverage of a presidential campaign in history last year — The New York Times has lost its credibility.  But rather than try to restore it, the Times continues to lose credibility by serving as a cheerleader for President Obama’s administration.

Recently, for example, the Times published an article titled, “Survey Reveals Broad Support for President.”  Using its own poll as evidence, the Times asserted that President Obama enjoyed “remarkably high levels of optimism and confidence” and an “aura of good will” among Americans.  The article compared President Obama’s support with that of President Reagan early in his term, and concluded that Obama had “substantial political clout.”

The very same day, Gallup released a poll with very similar results, but its analysis of the poll told a very different story.  While the Gallup poll and the Times poll had the exact same job approval number for President Obama (63 percent), Gallup characterized the result as “typical of how the last several presidents have fared at the one-month mark.”  In fact, Gallup pointed out that President Obama’s approval rating was “nearly identical” to the average of the last six presidents.  There was no mention of “remarkably high levels” of support or an “aura of good will.”

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Photo credit: niallkennedy (Creative Commons)


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