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US Forces killed in AFG

June 2009: 24 KIA before Bergdahl defected

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July 2009: 44 KIA after Bergdahl defected (83% increase)

August 2009: 51 KIA (more than 100% increase)

September 2009: 37 KIA

October 2009: 59 KIA

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*These numbers are not seasonal … I checked.


–In the four months prior to the Bergdahl defection, 55 Americans were KIA in AFG. In the four months following his defection, 191 Americans were KIA, an increase of 347%–almost quadrupling.

–In the year after the defection, American troop KIAs more than doubled, from 153 KIA in 2009 to 310 KIA in 2010.

–In the 93 months the US had forces in Afghanistan before Bergdahl’s defection, only 25 of those months had double-digit numbers of KIAs. In the 61 months so far after Bergdahl’s defection, conversely, only 8 months had single-digit KIA’ totals, with the majority of these deadly monthly numbers in the 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and even 70’s of American’ soldiers’ lives’ lost.

2001 KIAs=7        2008 KIAs=153

2002 KIAs=30     2009 KIAs=153

2003 KIAs=33      2010 KIAs=310

2004 KIAs=49      2011 KIAs=412

2005 KIAs=93      2012 KIAs=301

2006 KIAs=88      2013 KIAs=120

2007 KIAs=111    2014 KIAs=12 (thus far)

In the entire war in AFG, since we went in late 2001, many more Americans were KIA AT (After Traitor) rather than BT (Before Traitor).

American KIAs in AFG BT=564

American KIAs in AFG AT=1,308

(An increase of 231%)

And according to my Pentagon source, “this lying government cannot simply say that most of those were killed in ‘other operations’ or the ‘surge’ rather than looking for Bergdahl because for the first several months, almost all of the American forces in Eastern AFG were directed to look for Bergdahl.” Those tragic increases in KIAs in the first few months after the defection must all be placed at the altar of ‘Looking for Bergdahl.’



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