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“We did not want to be out looking for him as it was extremely dangerous and we knew he didn’t want to be found. We thought it was ridiculous for us to be sent out looking for Bergdahl and subjected to ambushes and IED explosions. Everywhere we went, suspicious engagements would occur; and guys were getting hurt or killed.” –Ron


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“Initial reports from the villagers as we began searching for him told us they thought he was ‘intoxicated’ or ‘high.’ We knew this meant he had really gone off the deep end, and was not high on hash or drugs as witnesses that day and the media has implied over the years. He was acting weird long before that day, and we’d never seen him stoned.” –Jimmy


“The more we looked for him, the more we realized we were being had by our government and superiors, who just kept sending us out on this ‘fool’s mission’ that was getting our guys killed. Everywhere we went, we were being told ‘the American was running away and hiding; he doesn’t want to be found except by the Taliban. He was asking for them urgently.’ Pretty quickly, we started going through the motions because we knew he was an active defector who was an enemy collaborator.” –Ron


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When I was told by “Jimmy,” who was with Bergdahl, “A handful of soldiers were killed looking for him? Try 40 or 60 or 100,” I immediately thought, nobody really knows what the right number is; but it is tragic.

Now, wanting to ‘look at the numbers’ of US forces KIAs (Killed in Action) in Afghanistan (AFG) both before and after his traitorous defection, I performed a simple statistical analysis.

While the Pentagon has said there was “no connection” between Bergdahl’s defection and an increased number of American troops killed, and the NY Times said “a murky connection, at best,” I smelled a rat. This was because of the recent White House efforts to claim that fewer than six soldiers were killed searching for Bergdahl–and the way they scrambled to support their lies. These numbers are mind-blowing. Saddening. And very tragic.


In looking at these numbers, I’m aware that some might become desensitized to what these numbers really represent. We forget that we’re talking about real American heroes here … with real Americans back here at home who are fathers, mothers, sisters, and brothers … grandparents and aunts and uncles … wives, sons, and daughters … and friends and family of all description, who will be grieving for the rest of their lives—which will be changed forever because of these losses of their loved ones’ lives defending our liberty, our flag, and America. I don’t want us to forget. 


Bergdahl defected on June 30, 2009

In the 30 days prior, there were 24 American KIAs in AFG. In the next month of July after he left his base, 44 KIAs were reported, an increase of 83% in just one month.  Here are some of the stunning numbers:

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