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I was sitting in my study on a quiet Sunday afternoon pondering how is it that we have come to this point in our evolution as a nation of like minds where we are on the brink of financial, political, moral and spiritual collapse.  This question led me to create a list of the most controversial deeds, actions, and statements from our President, the Democrats, and their patrons and supporters.

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When finished with this task, fifty separate questions that could be an essay or article each lay before me; my intention is to research several of these questions in turn and try to make some sense of it all.

To put this in perspective, we need to take a “birds eye” view, or a thirty thousand foot perspective of all these anomalies and see if we can create a tapestry or mosaic that is Barry Soetoro, our President and resident Nobel Laureate that lays about the White House these days.  Not to be outdone with this accomplishment, he flits across the nation on the taxpayers’ dime as he seeks another wealth- and economy-destroying term in office sowing class warfare and discontent wherever he can; currently, it is reserved exclusively for battleground and swing states.

The logical place to start is with Barry as a young man in college. I will do this without digging too deeply into this matter and all that this entails as many others have chronicled this before me. Why rehash stale controversies or attempt to cover new ground?

Many stories have been reported of Barry going to Pakistan to visit a college friend; to add mystery to this story, he is purported to have stayed in the Lahore Hilton International Hotel, swanky and expensive digs indeed for a starving college student.  This description of himself is paraphrased from “Dreams of my Father”, his 1st book as a “threadbare college student” during his time at Columbia University.

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Some of the accounts have him visiting and going hunting with a future Prime Minister of Pakistan.  The credibility of these events are questionable at best as Obama fails to mentions this escapade in either of his books, though he makes mention of them in a press conference in August of 2008 in passing to Jake Tapper of CBS.  He makes this out to be cutting his teeth on foreign policy as he is eager to show what little experience he has had in this area.  The back-story was filled in, after the fact of his disclosure at the press conference, by several authors that wrote about Barry and his time in Pakistan.

As we move further through time, I purposely gloss over his time in Chicago for the sake of brevity and the fact that he is not on the national stage at this time.

The next conundrum was not mentioned in any news sources of note in our nation: Obama as a freshman Senator from Illinois went on a congressional fact finding tour to Perm Siberia in Russia with Senator Richard Lugar (R-IN) in 2005 to verify the destruction of mobile missiles and their launchers under the Cooperative Threat Reduction program (CTR).

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