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Next up in our investigation is the run-up to the election after clinching the Democrats’ Nominee as their candidate for president.  Barry has sequestered and locked away all of his personal records in some safe dark place where they will never again be shown the light of day.

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These records include his “certificate of live birth” (he released a forgery), his college transcripts, Harvard thesis, student loans, Harvard law review articles, passport, medical records, Illinois Senate records, community organizer activity with ACORN, and others.  His Illinois bar registration, social security no. (he uses one originating in Connecticut) from a place he never lived, and most any other documents of a personal or professional nature could be construed as his bona fides.  His army of lawyers from the Perkins Coie law firm of Seattle, Washington are his henchman to make sure that each and every challenge to his narrative is immediately quelled.  So much for the most “open and transparent” administration in history, which was only rhetoric as we have seen with his dismal performance in office.

This is beginning to make sense when all the facts leading up to this are considered; clearly, he is hiding something, and all these actions appear preemptive in nature as a possible legal defense for something as of yet undisclosed.

This tapestries’ warp and weft threads are beginning to appear skewed to the “left“, way to the left if not a tangled mess; he has not even been elected to the office of President and is now completely shadowed and encased in several mysteries.

A perfect Manchurian candidate if there ever was one.

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An honorable mention that had not made the “list” has to be made in passing as it will have significance later on: the announcement that Gitmo would be closed in a years time, which was his first Executive Order after being sworn in as President.  Almost four years later it is still open for business.  I am partial to using Latin phrases for their descriptive quality, res ipsa loquitor, “it speaks for itself“; enough said, moving along!

Our next anomaly occurs in February of 2009 when Barry sends the Bust of Churchill back to Britain that had loaned the Bust to America during George W. Bush’s first term in the Oval Office after 9/11 as a showing of solidarity with the American people; what follows is a poignant description from a British newspaper The Telegraph:

The bronze by Sir Jacob Epstein, worth hundreds of thousands of pounds if it were ever sold on the open market, enjoyed pride of place in the Oval Offic during President Bush’s tenure.

The official word is that Barry chose not to extend the “loan” and returned it to the British Ambassadors’ residence in Washington.  We have another curious nexus with Britain as Barry’s father was a British subject, and the Russians accused him of being a spy for them in Siberia during his first official visit on becoming a Senator.

Is there any animosity towards Britain on Barry’s part? We may never know.  It sure looks like it.  Should we even mention that he could claim dual citizenship with Britain as he casually mentioned in late 2008 on “”  There goes the constitutionally required claim to “natural born citizen” status that Barry claims to possess; who cares as he is above such trivial requirements as the rest of us mere mortals?

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