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Venerable game show host and outspoken conservative activist Chuck Woolery recently spoke to The Informed Conservative about his political views, Christian faith, and his outlook for America’s future.

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Woolery, who said he’s been a conservative his entire life, explained his views can be boiled down to a simple statement: “I think conservatives are right, and liberals are wrong.”

The prevailing mindset among today’s progressives is unabashedly socialist, he said, adding, “Republicans have been just as egregious in trampling on the Constitution.”

Though the self-described “constitutional conservative libertarian” held the same values during his illustrious television career, Woolery said he was never free to openly express them.

“I wasn’t courageous enough to stand up and tell them who I was and what I believe because if I did, I wouldn’t work,” he said. “It’s just one of those things you deal with. Stay very quiet about politics and let them rant on.”

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He explained that a motorcycle trip with a friend in Michigan in 2011 led to his current status as a prominent conservative figure.

Upset about a budget committee’s utter failure to reach an agreement, Woolery said he told his friend, “I could do this in 15 minutes.”

After some back-and-forth, he said the two decided he should make a video and post it online.

“I did this video called ‘Budget Cuts’ and it went viral. We’re up to over 3 million hits on it,” he said. “I cut the budget by 1 trillion, 500 billion [dollars] in three minutes.”

Since then, Woolery has put together several more videos at his site, Save Us Chuck Woolery.

After the initial attention his new site attracted, a man once hesitant to bring up his political beliefs had them exposed to a wide audience.

“I never realized the level of hate,” he said.

Embracing the potential to make a positive impact, though, Woolery has recently become involved in some innovative and ambitious conservative organizations.

Perhaps most notably, he is a member and spokesman for Generation America, a conservative alternative to the leftist AARP.

“Generation America was formed as ObamaCare was being talked about,” he said. “They are an advocate against ObamaCare and have been for the past four years.”

Woolery said conservatives cannot, in good conscience, support an organization that completely supports the current administration.

“AARP claims they are a nonpartisan group when in fact we have 70 pages – not 70 emails, 70 pages – on the Generation America site,” he said, that prove “they are in bed with them.”

Citing their opposition to numerous plans that would benefit America’s seniors, Woolery said it is obvious “they don’t represent their members; they represent their money.” For that reason, he said an organization such as Generation America is vital for the growing number of older Americans.

“I joined this outfit about a year ago, but when I looked at what they were doing, I said … ‘I’ll represent you,’” he explained.

Woolery is also a founder of Restart Congress, a group focused on holding our representatives accountable, primarily by instating term limits.

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