Exclusive Interview: Andrew Breitbart Launches Big Journalism


When Andrew Breitbart launched Big Government in September, we asked if he was gearing up to be the next Arianna Huffington: An opinion blog rainmaker with a one-stop digital powerhouse, but presented from the opposite end of the political spectrum.

Three months later, hyperbole has become reality as Breitbart is adding to his network of vertical blogs. The newest site to join the Breitbart network is “Big Journalism,” which will launch in January of next year. His target is much bigger than HuffPo — or any other website for that matter. Breitbart is gunning for the institution of mainstream media, or what he calls “the Democratic-media complex.”

In an exclusive interview with Mediaite, Breitbart shares his vision for his expanding network of “Big” right-of-center sites:

Though he’s not exactly a household name, Breitbart has long been a power player in the sphere of Internet influence and opinion.

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