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The vast majority of the public and the press have proclaimed the 2012 Presidential election over and Barack Obama the President-elect.  However, as Lee Corso, the college football analyst on ESPN’s Game Day broadcasts is so fond of saying:

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“Not so fast my friend!!”

We have only taken the first step in the actual election process constitutionally mandated to select our next President.  The two steps that follow, I believe, will determine the future course of this nation and, perhaps, the very survival of the Constitutional principles on which it was founded.

On November 6th,we voted to establish the actual slates of Electors that are to be entrusted with the responsibility of electing the next President.  The next step is for those Electors to gather in the various state capitals on December 17th to cast their ballots.  Those ballots are then tallied in the states and forwarded to the President of the Senate and to the National Archivist for confirmation of the final tally by both Houses of the Congress on January 7th.

There are three classes of Electors so charged.  Of the total of 538, the breakdown is as follows:

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  1. Those designated by popular vote on Democrat slates (332)
  2. Those designated by popular vote on “dedicated” Republican slates (72)
  3. Those designated by popular vote on “unfettered” Republican slates (134)

Each of these Electors assumes a sacred trust to cast his or her ballot only for a candidate constitutionally eligible to actually hold the office of President and Commander in Chief under Article 2, Section 1, Clause 5 of the Constitution.

The key to correcting the current process will be the success of our call to action to the 134 Electors in the third group coming from the 13 states listed below.  As of the year 2000, Electors from those states were deemed “unfettered” (meaning that, by law, they are allowed to cast their ballots for whomever they choose.)  There is precedent for this in that nine times previously, Electors have cast their ballots independently of the popular vote. Theoretically and practically then, each of these 134 hold the potential to cast their ballots for Mr. Obama and are therefore entitled to be assured of the constitutional eligibility of his candidacy.

Why is this important?  Because through that process, all 134 Republican Electors must be deemed to have “Standing” to demand certifiable evidence of Mr. Obama’s qualifications, as specified under Article 2 of the Constitution, to be deemed a “Natural Born Citizen.“

As we know, Mr. Obama fails to attain to that standard by virtue of his own admission that his birth father was a British Subject.

We the People need now to produce a flood of mail to alert each of these 134 Republican Electors that they have the “Standing” and the responsibility to demand that this question be resolved so that they can make an informed decision before they cast their ballots.

These Electors need to immediately notify their respective Governor and Secretary of State that they require this information prior to December 17th or that they will not be able to properly discharge their Constitutional responsibility.

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