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Exclusive: America The Movie Reveals Some Shocking Revelations About Hillary

In an exclusive interview, Dinesh D'Souza reveals his inspiration for the movie America


Following the huge success of his first documentary, 2016: Obama’s America, bestselling author Dinesh D’Souza is releasing his latest film just in time for Independence Day. Fittingly, America: Imagine the World without Her reveals a number of truths about the nation’s past, present, and future as it celebrates 238 years of independence.

D’Souza sat down for an exclusive interview with Western Journalism to explain his motivation to make this movie and what audiences can expect.

“The big question the movie explores is, ‘What would the world look like if there was no America?’” the filmmaker said. “What would the past look like … if George Washington had taken a bullet from a British sniper?”

While the film delves into some historical speculation, however, D’Souza noted that it is done to raise “a contemporary question” determining how the future would be different “if America shrinks in importance.”

Unfortunately, he asserted, that part of the film is not speculative.

America has already begun to lose its prominence on the world’s stage, D’Souza explained, “not because we are being defeated by some foreign force taking us down” but because we are being “undermined from within by a powerful political movement who thinks it’s a good idea for America to be less influential.”

An Indian immigrant, the author explained that his patriotic outlook and belief in American exceptionalism is deeply rooted. Those on the left, he noted, have a different take on the notion.

“They believe that America is exceptional,” he concluded. “Not exceptionally good but exceptionally bad.”

He said these ideologues think the U.S. is a “malevolent influence in the world,” lamenting the fact that this skewed concept is being “relentlessly taught in our schools, our colleges, and spilled out into the media and Hollywood.”

Obama’s policies, he explained, are specifically designed to make America weaker.

“The decline is not the accidental result of bungling policies,” D’Souza said. “He thinks it would be a good idea for the world for America to be smaller so other countries can be bigger.”

In this way, he noted that Obama is much different than other left-leaning Democrats like Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter.

“Carter was a bungler,” he asserted, noting “Obama wants America to go down. [He] wants America to be just a normal country that has an ordinary role in the world.”

D’Souza’s film explores concepts far beyond the idea that leftism is a destructive force against America’s position as the world’s greatest nation. He noted that viewers will likely be enlightened by a few revelations included in America.

“There are two big categories of surprise,” he said.

The first deals with what he calls the country’s “hidden history,” which has been suppressed by ideologues determined to focus on America’s shortcomings instead of her many unparalleled achievements.

“The left has combed through American history,” he said, taking “90 percent out.”

To combat the misrepresentation of this great nation’s past, D’Souza made it his mission to “put in hidden history,” or “stuff that has been taken out of the history books.”

He referred to this portion of the film as “America: the untold story.”

Further unexpected revelations are presented in a segment of the film dealing with “political thriller,” he explained. Among the bombshells D’Souza exposes are facts regarding the Democrat Party’s likely presidential contender in the 2016 election.

“We not only uncover things about Hillary that need to be known that have to do with her formative years,” he noted; the film also unveils “hidden connections between Obama and Hillary.”

Upon weighing the evidence, he concluded that Hillary Clinton is found to be more ideologically aligned with the far-left Obama than her more pragmatic husband.

Many themes in the movie are rarely – if ever – covered by mainstream sources. As a result, D’Souza said he hopes to expose a cross-section of the country to the important issues America explores. He said a nationwide theatrical release prior to the Independence Day weekend will hopefully aid in that goal.

He said he anticipates “people who are not very political but need to know more about what is going on behind closed doors in their own country” will view the film as an opportunity to expand their knowledge in an engaging and entertaining way.

The film accompanies a book by the same name; however, D’Souza explains that a different medium allows him to portray similar ideas by creating “an emotional experience and a form of entertainment.”

Following the success of 2016, which became the second-highest grossing political documentary of all time, D’Souza once again teams up with Academy Award-winning producer Gerald Molen to bring America to audiences nationwide. Learning from his previous experience, the filmmaker said the new film is improved in many ways compared to his 2012 release.

“This is a much bigger film,” he said, noting that cinematographic elements and other features are on par with any major Hollywood release.

“In this film, we take you through time,” he continued, explaining that viewers will see reenactments of actual debates that helped shape the nation’s founding and can still provide relevant answers to questions being asked today.

While his attention has heretofore been focused on finishing this film, D’Souza said he is now beginning to look ahead toward new projects — including a film that “makes the intellectual and moral argument for God and Christianity.”

He also noted that, as the 2016 presidential election cycle approaches, he is likely to release a film relevant to that nationwide contest.

With a very limited release in Houston and Atlanta last week, Reuters reported a strong opening of the film in a total of just three theaters. The film began showing on 1,000 screens Wednesday and will continue to expand as demand grows. Visit the film’s official website to find out where America is showing in your city.

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