Excessive Use of Deadly Force? Middle School Student Armed With Pellet Gun Shot and Killed by Police in South Texas


BROWNSVILLE, Texas – 15 year old Jaime Gonzalez was shot and killed by police in a Cummings Middle School hallway for brandishing a pellet gun. According to reports, Gonzalez walked into a Cummings Middle School classroom and punched another boy in the nose. An Administrator at the school noticed Gonzalez walking towards the main office, noticed the weapon and called 911.

Police have not yet released the recording of the 911 call.

In a radio dispatch recording officers identified the student: “Subject about 5’7″, holding a handgun black in color, white shoes, blue jeans, red t-shirt, bald headed”. This identification was given by officers from the front door. You can then hear officers yell “Take him out” not long after the identification was made.

Police officials said the male pointed the gun at officers as they repeatedly asked him to put down the weapon. However, after listening to the dispatch recording not much time elapsed between the identification of the student and when officers ‘Took him out’.

Teachers locked classroom doors and turned off lights, and some frightened students dove under their desks. They could hear police charge down the hallway and shout for Gonzalez to drop the weapon, followed by several shots.

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