Evidence against Obama’s Hawaiian birth story mounts


Barack Obama 10 SC

Various news outlets have matter-of-factly stated in the recent past that Barack Obama was born in Kenya, just as Obama’s wife Michelle stated in a video which surfaced recently and was reported by The Post & Email here.  Consequently it is no wonder that many doubt Obama’s claim of a Hawaiian birth.

One of the stories was published by National Public Radio, and others are from various African newspapers.  One of them, the “Sunday Standard,” proudly announced Obama’s “Kenyan-born” pedigree in the story’s headline.  “African Travel Magazine” published the following news brief regarding a trip which Obama made there, most likely in 2006:

Another, The Nigerian Observer, published a detailed account of the last days of the 2008 campaign, mentioning little-known, third-party candidates accurately and stating that Obama had been born in Kenya.

An Indonesian online newspaper, Indonesia Matters, had stated directly after the 2008 presidential election that Obama had been born in Kenya.  In 2009 the article was scrubbed from the internet, although it has reappeared along with a Facebook page with a link to it which refers to Obama as “Barry Soetoro.”

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