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Even Santa isn’t safe from bureaucracy’s reach


Entrepreneurs continue to face ever-increasing regulations and restrictions in today’s America; and apparently, St. Nicholas is no exception.

One man in Tennessee recently learned that lesson when he contacted his county clerk’s office about visiting in his Christmastime capacity as a comic Santa Claus.

Instead of giving him an opportunity to entertain the county workers for a nominal charge, employees told him to obtain a business license or face criminal prosecution.

The fact that government workers want to throw the book at this man is slightly distasteful, but, if they are just following the letter of the law, certainly justified. A closer look at the details, however, shows that Santa did not need the permit after all.

Only businesses making more than $3,000 per year are required to carry a license — about $2,900 more than the entertainer took home last year during his holiday side gig.

The fact is that he doesn’t pursue this avenue for monetary gains but for the joy it provides him and those he contacts.

“It brings happiness to people, and it’s not only the kids,” he said.

Now, $30 poorer after paying for the unnecessary license, he just wants a refund and a little peace on earth.

“I want them to get off my back, return my $30, and let me keep the wolf away from my door,” he said. Maintaining a level of levity during the situation, he said if county employees are “expecting anything other than switches and ashes for Christmas, they are suffering from a delusion.”

In response to the incident, the clerk’s office confirmed that they would refund the licensing fee as soon as Santa proves he makes less than $3,000.


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