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Video: Even Occupy Wall Street Says, Impeach Obama


Even controlled opposition occasionally strays from script. This website has described Occupy Wall Street as a latent menace, an inviting domestic terrorist target, and a well-financed new Popular Front. However, as with all mass movements, not everyone is in on the ruse. At least some members of the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations raging across the country blame Barack Obama for the mess this country is in and want to see him impeached.

The OccupyWallStreet.org website posted a user-submitted message on Sunday from entitled, “Impeach Now! Either Obama Goes or [Your] United States Goes.” The message begins by quoting French President Nicholas Sarkozy and Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin on the likelihood of a worldwide financial collapse, adding:

Robert Shapiro, an adviser to the International Monetary Fund said, “the trans-Atlantic system will collapse in two to three weeks.” And you know what? All of these individuals are right!

We must act now to kick our Congress in their you know what, to introduce articles of impeachment, to suspend the executive powers of President Obama. For the re-enactment of U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s 1933 Glass Steagall Banking standard, in House Resolution 1489, to restore the separation between U.S. commercial banks and Wall Street merchant banks. As the first step to a return back to our Federal republic credit system “embedded” in our Constitution. (Emphases and links added.)

Although rare, it is not an isolated sentiment. In this video, an “Impeach Obama” sign comes into view at 1:35

Reuters captured a photo of this placard demanding Obama’s impeachment. It depicts Obama in fatigues morphing into George W. Bush, which is as poisonous on the Left as accusing someone of being Barack Obama is on the Right.

Former RT TV host Adam Kokesh ventured into Occupy D.C., Victoria Jackson-style, to ask a group of protesters if they would support impeachment. The following videos shows, although most were bewildered by the question — and some took offense at the way he pointed out Obama had been worse, by their standards, than Bush — at least one said he would support impeachment.

These left-wing agitators and their reasons for impeachment may be far removed from most of our readers, but their existence is worth noting. It proves a urging Obama not to run for a second term in hopes of stopping the electoral bleeding (while others propose eliminating elections altogether).

Obama’s greatest hope is the Republicans nominate an uninspiring RINO who will either depress GOP turnout or provoke a third party conservative run. What else can he count on when even the OWS extremists see he is an empty suit?

Click hereto learn more about the Impeach Obama Campaign. Click here to sign the Impeach Obama petition.


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