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Evangelicals plunge America into darkness, stay home on Election Day


(Editor’s note: The following views are solely those of the author.)

The experts are wringing their hands trying to figure out why Romney didn’t win, but now we know; the 14 million missing voters from Romney’s column are Evangelicals.

Evangelical Christians may not be evil people, but they helped an evil president become an evil dictator on Tuesday. The exact numbers aren’t in; but clearly, the vast majority of Evangelicals stayed home on Election Day. They weren’t dealing with a storm or a personal family emergency. They stayed home because they made a conscious decision to allow our Marxist enemy to continue ruining our lives rather than have Mormon Mitt Romney as our president.

They draw their grounds for such a twisted thought from their interpretation of the Bible, which they take literally – except of course for the part about handling poisonous snakes; that’s where a more modern interpretation of Scripture takes hold.

The Evangelicals’ hatred of Romney burns so brightly it blinded them. Self- flagellation and a willingness to aid and abet a clear enemy became preferable to them – consequences be damned.

Evangelicals profess to be pro-life, against gay “marriage”, for religious freedom, for a strong protective bond with Israel, and for a strong and effective military. Yet on Tuesday, they stayed away by the millions and imperiled all they say they believe in.

They stood on principle, so they will say, so they hate the Republican Party for nominating Romney as well. They did not even consider the danger they put America in – Romney and the RNC hurt their feelings, and they wanted the “revenge” Barack Obama urged.

Skipping the top line for the sake of saving America never occurred to our Evangelical neighbors.  If Evangelicals had just done this, we would have a Republican Senate and a stronger hold on the House. If they had done this, much of what they care about could have been saved – but they stayed home.

They stay home to punish us all; and what’s more, they lied to pollsters.

How else could the survey reports from honest pollsters be so tortured? They acted like the 1/3 of colonists who joined the British in their attempt to keep freedom-loving Americans in chains, and they are no better.  Isn’t it the Koran that permits lying to further an adherent’s cause or a person’s cause?

How do we ever trust people who would indulge themselves so slavishly at our expense?

Wouldn’t/Shouldn’t an honest evaluation of their situation lead Evangelicals to merely cancel their voter registration? There are many groups who live among us but refuse to be part of us. They don’t register to vote. Why shouldn’t the Evangelicals do the same? That would give those of us in the patriotic 1/3 a clearer picture of what and who we are fighting.

Obviously, conservatism was not defeated Tuesday. It lost in a fixed fight that started with a sucker punch thrown by subversives who falsely proclaim allegiance to conservatism.  Nevertheless, we the patriots of America lost on Tuesday, and it makes little difference whether the telling blow was delivered from the left or the right.

The outcome was the same.

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