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The article “Rove Says Romney Lost Because of those Horrible Conservatives” and National Republican Senatorial Committee Chairman Sen. John Cornyn’s interview with Politico are helpful as we try to sort through the 2012 election rout.

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Politico reports: “During an interview in his Senate hideaway in the basement of the Capitol, Cornyn told POLITICO that the 2012 elections exposed that the GOP had a ‘brand problem.’” 

It’s not clear why the prize pupil of Karl Rove – John Cornyn – feels it necessary to bring up the Republican “brand problem.” We’ll need to go back a quarter-century to gain perspective. 

Perhaps Ronald Reagan wasn’t perfect, but there’s a rationale why he removed a sitting U.S. president – Democrat Jimmy Carter in 1980 – and won 49 states for re-election in 1984 – and it wasn’t “the economy, stupid.” 

President Reagan bequeathed to the Republican Party the magnificent “brand” of:
  • limited government
  • lower taxes
  • deregulation of business
  • The principle: The one thing government can do for me is leave me alone

Freedom requires virtue; Christianity is the “sole force capable of fostering the virtue and restraining the vice necessary for the health of the republic” (Os Guinness, “A Free People’s Suicide”). But until evangelicals begin to demand His kingdom and His justice within the the American electorate – and the Republican Party – America will continue to degenerate and deteriorate.

“Until American churches actually function as outposts of Jesus’ heavenly empire rather than as cheerleaders for America – until the churches produce martyrs rather than patriots – the political witness of Christians will continue to be diluted and co-opted” (“
Between Babel and the Beast,” Peter J. Leithart).

The moderate, mercenary GOP chieftains and lieutenants – the evangelists that constructed and maintain the Permanent Republican Majority – truly believe that their political philosophy and “amoral values” trump the principles and foundation laid by America’s founders.

“Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” John Adams

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It is of little concern to the present GOP gurus that evangelical and pro-life Catholic Christians oppose:

  • the $1 million political expenditure to elect Massachusetts liberal, activist homosexual candidate Richard Tisei; to the GOP chieftains, if Tisei can be elected in liberal Massachusetts as a Republican – regardless of his beliefs or character – it advances the end goal of the Permanent Republican Majority;
  • homosexual marriage and abortion being deposited in the Republican Party; to the GOP chieftains, it gives them the end goal, potentially, of more Republicans – their kingdom of god.

However, the GOP chieftains and lieutenants do require that evangelicals leave our excessive – and bigoted – values at the church house door.

This in a sense has been the failure of the contemporary evangelical leadership. It’s been reduced – by Karl Rove and potential access to Romney money – to a chaplain or chaplaincy – dependent upon the ruler’s favor, financially and politically. These leaders owe their standing – and itsy-bitsy seat at the table – to the current, most popular Republican nominee, regardless of his principles. This acquiescence is necessary to maintain their seat at the table, the length of the chain determined by the Ruler’s tolerance. The evangelical leaders have basically lived off the crumbs, the largess, from the Bush Boys – and, by extension, Karl Rove – since 1988.

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