European Commission urges New Media literacy


The European Commission (EC) said on August 20 2009 that Europeans young and old could miss out on the benefits of today’s high-tech information society

unless more is done to make them “media literate” enough to access, analyse and evaluate images, sounds and texts and use traditional and new media to

communicate and create media content.

The Commission said that European Union countries and the media industry need to increase awareness of the many media messages people encounter, be they

advertisements, movies or online content.

Information Society and Media Commissioner Viviane Reding said: “Interacting with the media now means a lot more than writing to a newspaper. Media,

especially new digital technologies, involve more Europeans in a world of sharing, interaction and creation. Consumers today can create their own content and

make new works by transforming third party content.

Read More: -by Clive Leviev-Sawyer


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