Euro Goes Pagan


In Greek mythology Europa was a beautiful Phoenician woman of noble birth. Depending upon which part of mythology you look at Europa was either a daughter of Oceanus and Tethys or the daughter of Tityas and Euphemus. According to most ancient legends the god Zeus took the form of a white bull and abducted and seduced Europa.

Europa is about to make a return to the continent named after her starting next year.

Currently a number of euro banknotes have pictures of windows and doors as both decorative and security features. Beginning next year a number of the banknotes will feature various images of Europa, starting with the €5 note in May. Mario Draghi, chief of the European Central Bank commented on the new images gracing the banknotes, saying:

“Portraits have long been used in banknotes around the world and research has shown that people tend to remember faces. Is there any better figure than Europa to serve as the new face of the euro?”

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