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Eric Holder is Not the Only Liar in Fast and Furious


by Doug Book

During her October 25th testimony before the House Government Oversight Committee,  Department of Homeland Security chief Janet Napolitano claimed  she has never spoken about Fast and Furious with Attorney General Eric Holder,  had never heard of the deadly scheme prior to the December 2010 killing of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry (as it was an ATF operation). She insisted, although she is the head of Homeland Security,  she considered it unnecessary to learn more about the deliberate smuggling of thousands of weapons into the hands of Mexican drug dealers because there was an investigation being performed by the Inspector General at the Department of Justice.

The degree of outright dishonesty exhibited by Napolitano that afternoon is rivaled only by that of Eric Holder in his House Committee testimony several weeks earlier.

Responding to a question from Committee chair Darrell Issa about her activities following Terry’s death,  Napolitano said,  “my number one concern  [was]  that those responsible for the shooting death of Agent Terry were brought to justice.”

Were that actually the case,  why would former prosecutor Napolitano make no protest when three of the Mexican illegals taken into custody at the scene of Terry’s murder were subsequently deported to Mexico several weeks after the killing?

No charges were filed by Phoenix U.S. Attorney  Dennis Burke,  no objection made by the FBI into whose custody the three had been taken and none lodged by the  “concerned” Napolitano. Even if none of the three had actually pulled the trigger,  aren’t accessories to murder considered equally culpable under the law?

Or is it possible the DOJ wanted these men out of the country and unable to testify as to what they knew of the Fast and Furious-purchased rifles found at the scene?

Moreover,  according to a supplemental statement to Issa’s committee in July, former Phoenix ATF Agent in Charge Bill Newell testified  Fast and Furious was not exclusively an ATF operation. Rather,  it was an OCDETF  (Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force)  operation — meaning the DEA,  FBI,  ICE,  ATF  and U.S. Marshall’s Service were all involved. 

And U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement  (ICE)  is under the control of Janet Napolitano’s own Department of Homeland Security.  So ,not only is her claim that Fast and Furious was simply an ATF operation not valid,  it’s not believable that ICE,  an organization deemed expert in  “confronting and interdicting drug and gun traffickers,” should be oblivious to thousands of weapons illegally flowing across the Mexican border!

The deliberate “walking” of so many firearms into Mexico had to be known at the uppermost levels of the DHS,  that is,  to the office of Janet Napolitano.

The principle reason Napolitano claimed it unnecessary to speak with Eric Holder about the operation was his having  “quickly and appropriately”  placed it in the hands of the DOJ Inspector General for investigation.

The problem is,  three months went by before Holder gave the case to the IG.  And five months passed before Holder’s DOJ brought charges against Manuel Osorio Arellanes,  the man held for the killing Brian Terry.  “Quickly and appropriately”  were not how Eric Holder addressed either the killing of Terry or the Fast and Furious debacle.

Eric Holder perjured himself before a House committee. Janet Napolitano has told palpable lies. And it’s reported that Issa’s Government Oversight Committee has ample evidence to bring perjury charges against the ATF’s Bill Newell,  perhaps “convincing” him to spill the beans on the rest of the administration.

Republicans appear to have enough ammunition to bring down the Obama regime.  The question is,  do they have the guts?

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