The EPA will overregulate hydraulic fracking — and destroy jobs and a reliable source of energy.

The EPA wants three times as much money as it is spending in 2012 to “study” hydraulic fracturing (fracking). The 2012 budget is $4.2 million. Now it wants $14 million for 2013.

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The actual total is around $45 million because the Department of Energy and the United States Geological Survey will also be involved in “studying” fracking. In addition, the DoE budget includes $12 million to “improve the safety of natural gas development” by focusing on “the environmental, health, and safety risks of natural gas and oil production for hydraulic fracturing in shale and other geologic formations.”

It is likely that these “studies” will go on for years with ever-increasing millions wasted by bureaucrats who oppose fracking. The studies will come to the inevitable conclusion that fracking is dangerous and must be stopped. Millions of taxpayer dollars will be thrown away on studies that were created to reach predetermined conclusions by anti-fossil fuel zealots within the Obama bureaucracies.

As a result, one of the most productive and innovative methods of recovering natural gas will be delayed and eventually banned.

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