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Eligibility Judge About To Lower The Boom On Barack?


At the beginning of yesterday’s hearing to determine the legal and Constitutional eligibility of Barack Hussein Obama for placement on the State of Georgia ballot in November, Judge Michael Malihi was said to have read “the last paragraph of [Obama] Attorney Michael Jablonski’s letter” to Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp. And in the barely 2 hour proceedings which reviewed 3 lawsuits demanding Obama not appear on that ballot, this might have been the most significant “statement” made by the otherwise reserved Malihi.

Like Obama, Jablonski was a no-show in the Georgia courtroom, leaving Obama represented by no counsel at the proceeding.

And although the judge adjourned the hearing with no decision, no ruling, in fact nothing more than a “thank you” to the participants, the last paragraph of Jablonski’s letter states “We await your taking the requested action and as we do, we will, of course, suspend further participation in these proceedings, including the hearing scheduled for January 26th.”

Well Obama had been subpoenaed to appear in that courtroom. The subpoena had been specifically and without reservation upheld by Judge Malihi just 6 days earlier. So Obama was in obvious violation of the court’s order.

So maybe, just maybe Judge Malihi read the final words of Jablonski’s hyper arrogant, “we don’t believe your little state or your silly hearing are worth our time” letter for the purpose of reading into the record the fact that it was indeed the decision of Obama and his attorney to NOT attend and to NOT honor legal subpoenas.

And if that is the case, it means Malihi is clearing the decks for either a default judgment against the president, or the implementation of a legal remedy of some sort for Obama’s self-important refusal to appear or even respond to the proceeding with counsel.

Naturally it would take an attorney to decipher any “legal” significance in Malihi’s actions, but through his past rulings the judge has made it abundantly clear that he will follow the laws of the state of Georgia to the letter and accept no grandstanding or phony arguments from either side, not even from a president.

And it is against the law to ignore a subpoena, perhaps all the more so when the judge himself refused to allow Obama’s earlier request that the subpoena be quashed.

It might be significant that Georgia Secretary of State Kemp backed Malihi to the hilt in his response to Michael Jablonski’s letter, telling the lawyer “…If you and your client choose to suspend your participation in the OSAH proceedings, please understand that you do so at your own peril.”

In short, though you and your client clearly don’t think much of our state or its laws, we will conduct the business of both just as though you were mere mortals rather than privileged characters.

When will Judge Malihi issue a ruling and what weight of law will it carry? Attorneys for both sides have until February 5th to present additional evidence for their claims. Soon after that we will know how determined the State of Georgia is in seeing to it their laws are obeyed…even by a president.

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