Dumb Marines, Delighted Media


A few Marines in Afghanistan did a really dumb thing: They emptied their “short arms” on a trio of Taliban corpses. The act was unacceptable. It was against military regulations and constituted a minor—very minor—infringement of the Geneva Convention. Those Marines showed terrible judgment and should receive appropriate “non-judicial punishment” that will impact their careers. If a non-commissioned officer was involved, his career should end.

But that’s all, folks. This was not an atrocity. No terrorists were harmed in the making of that video. Defiling enemy corpses is wrong, but it’s not murder, torture, rape or any other crime against a living human being. Nonetheless politically correct Washington went into manic-panic mode the moment the news broke about that video. Everybody, from the secretary of defense and the chairman of the Joint Chiefs on down rushed to issue public apologies. A high-level investigation (aka “witch hunt”) has been ordered, but the decision’s already been made to hang those Marines and their chain of command. Our military just bent over: Not a word about how remarkably honorable and disciplined hundreds of thousands of our troops have been, and not a word about the Taliban’s very real atrocities.

Of course, President Karzai of Afghanistan condemned the leaky-Marines video as monstrous. He’s mum on Taliban massacres, suicide bombings and torture, though. Our own administration’s fear was that the literal pissing contest would derail the negotiations all the president’s men have begged the Taliban to enter into so we can have “peace with honor” and get out of Saigon. Sorry: I meant “Kabul.”

But the most grotesque and reprehensible behavior has been that of our own media. I’ve been stunned: Cynical though I am about many journalists and pseudo-journalists, I really didn’t think so many of them hated and despised our men and women in uniform so deeply at this point.

What I’ve seen and heard has been near-orgasmic delight in the opportunity to tear down our troops. The establishment media has reported this inexcusable, but decidedly minor incident as if it were a repeat of Vietnam’s My Lai massacre—if not of Nazi atrocities or the Holocaust entire. Nowhere on broadcast or cable television did I hear anyone put the incident into perspective and say, “Sometimes grunts do dumb stuff. The real story is how few such incidents there have been, how amazingly disciplined our troops are.”

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