Drake dumps lawyer Taitz hires Gary Kreep



Orly Taitz, the Mission Viejo lawyer trying to get Barack Obama thrown out of office, says she’s had enough of two of her clients in the case and will continue without them.

Whoa, say the two.

"This is our case," said Buena Park Pastor Wiley Drake, one of the two plaintiffs Taitz has unilaterally tried to have removed from the case.

Gary Kreep a talented conservative has replaced erratic Taitz

The lawsuit challenges Obama’s birthplace and his legitimacy as president. The latest chapter in the drama started when Drake and Markham G. Robinson notified Taitz that they were replacing her as counsel. Taitz continues to represent 40 other plaintiffs in the federal case filed in Santa Ana.

Drake complained that Taitz’s paperwork errors have delayed proceedings.

"Orly is getting overwhelmed," Drake said. "We all make mistakes, but she is in over her head."

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