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Dr. Ben Carson Dissed By MSNBC Lefty


No good Black conservative ever goes unharmed; feast your eyes on this video vignette from liberal hatchet man Toure, about Dr. Ben Carson:

Toure repeatedly charged Republicans with “not caring” about Black folks??? Hmmm, I didn’t know that I as an American Black needed White people to “care ” about me.

Does that mean that White Democrats, whose polices destroyed the Black family unit and inflated street thuggery, “care” more about me?

This is what I call the “Care Gap,” where Black liberals invoke how much more their White folks like Negroes than evil old White conservatives.

In their eyes, White Democrats are good masters who pull us to their heaving bosoms and provide programs making our miserable lot as children of a lesser god more tolerable.

I would tell Toure where he could shove this type of silly reasoning, but I write for rated G audiences.

Suffice it to say, the Care Gap argument rudely deployed against Dr. Ben Carson means the good doctor’s tenure as a Black history figure liberals pointed to with pride is over.

Toure’s diss (to use an Old School ’80s phrase) of Dr. Carson means Black liberals have gotten marching orders to ethnically excommunicate someone they revered a short time ago.

Don’t let socialists somewhere in the bowels of the DNC tell you which Black people you can like.

THAT’S being an Uncle Tom for Democrats, and Toure and others should know better.


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