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Sen. Harry Reid recently raised the doubt that conservatives may after all be openly resisting Obamacare and most all Obama policy due to his race. Sen. Reid seems to have passed by the fact that conservatives are also bucking the entire thrust of Harry’s tenure as leader of the Senate. Are they guilty of racism because they cannot abide the liberalism of a frumpy old white man who may have flunked political science 101?

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In only three days, Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood has burned down 57 churches, murdered hundreds of Christians, and executed 25 Egyptian Policemen in the Sinai Peninsula.

Barack Obama’s silence about this takes its form in the usual condemnation of violence, a rhetorical device with all the weight of a feather in the wind. He is then found on the back nine playing a few holes on the golf greens of Martha’s Vineyard. Does noticing this absurdity make us racists?

Does noticing any part of Barack Obama’s dismal record as president make us racists?

Does cringing from the oncoming high-speed train wreck called the ‘Affordable Care Act’ (ACA) make us racists? It takes no economics genius to see that what will happen when this plan is enacted has nothing to do with black or white – it is strictly a problem of green when added to 17 trillion dollars of debt.

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Does watching Mr. Obama help the LGBT crowd create a whole new minority class of people demanding that hetero’s and defenders of ‘one woman – one man’ marriage be battered into submission to the nascent and Obama-esque view of heretofore perverted behaviors that he insists are now becoming mainstream morality – does this make us racists? Let’s use an archaic, but fully effective Old English term: I trow not.

If Mr. Obama could get the whole world into his way of thinking, would it change this warning: “…broad is the way that leadeth to destruction and many there be which go in thereat.” (Mt 7: 13b)?

Can we call the Florida-based organization that recently submitted a call to both houses of Congress to impeach Mr. Obama racists? Citing the Benghazi investigation and cover-up, the NSA and IRS scandals, and the gunrunning debacle called ‘Fast and Furious,’ they asked for impeachment proceedings to begin. With (non-racist) Harry at the helm of the Senate, there is little chance the call will be acted upon. Are these people racist? If you said yes, think again; everyone in this organization is black.

Are people who want Barack Obama’s birth and school records unsealed racists? They have been called far worse than racist; and yet you can still lose your job or career in a New York minute if it is discovered you lied on your resume. Why can’t you follow Obama’s lead and just seal your records?

Sheriff Joe Arpaio is a career lawman, and he is followed by a team of forensic experts with impeccable credentials who say that the documents and the past of our sitting president are all 100 percent fake. Are they all practicing racists? Or are we practicing high stupidity for not listening to them?

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