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A “Double Agent” for the Obama Administration


On May 25, BuzzFeed came out with the “bombshell” that Barack Obama took part in a DSA (Democratic Socialists of America)-sponsored event in 1996.

The copy under the headline reads:

“It’s a reminder that the President presented himself as much more progressive during his time in Chicago. In this little-seen advertisement that ran in the Hyde Park Herald in 1996, Obama was listed on a panel sponsored by the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), University of Chicago Democrats, and University of Chicago DSA.”

Translation: Nothing to see here, move on.

Of course, conservatives reported on this four years ago, so that the bombshell was a little late in coming.

In fact, in August of 2008, Trevor Loudon, a researcher who specializes in pulling the curtain back from the Radical Left, wrote the following:

“Right-wing bloggers have discovered Chicago DSA’s 1996 endorsement of Obama for the Illinois State Senate and Obama’s participation that same year in a University of Chicago Young Democratic Socialists town hall meeting on ‘Economic Insecurity.’”

What BuzzFeed has “uncovered” is simply the newspaper advertisement for the DSA “Economic Insecurity” event.

I put “uncovered” in quotes because we have be very careful here.

David Maraniss, in his new Obama “exposé,” Barack Obama: The Story, revealed a startling amount of detail of Obama’s mysterious New York years. Maraniss specifically sheds light on the oddity that even though Obama has been walking this earth for fifty-plus years, no girlfriend has ever come forward to present any information and/or dirt about the former community organizer. In the Mariniss excerpt, we learn of two girlfriends during the New York period in excruciating detail, with Mariniss getting a hold of letters and journals from Obama’s past flames.

Aside from there being major problems with these supposed girlfriends and Maraniss’ complicity with the Obama camp (his biography was authorized by Obama) that I’ve detailed in other places, the question is never answered by Maraniss why: 1. The girlfriends never came forward before; and 2. Why they made the letters and journals available exclusively to him?

We have to keep in mind that Maraniss wrote a fawning biography of Obama in August of 2008 and joined the mainstream media when the wagons were circled after Obama’s possible Kenyan birth was broached at the same time.

But more to my point here, Maraniss in his biography excerpt oddly lists the names of four Pakistanis that Obama and his then-girlfriend Genevieve Cook were close to during the New York years, stating that Obama sought out Pakistani friends. But he does not expand on why he sought out Pakistani friends versus some other nationality. Neither does he offer any substantive details about these Pakistani friends’ backgrounds.

The four Pakistani friends were (Mohammed) Hasan Chandoo, Wahid Hamid, Sohale Siddiqi (wife of Hamid), and Beenu Mahmood.

Chandoo and Hamid played a part in Obama’s trip to Pakistan in 1981, which he did not reveal until April of 2008, mentioning it as an offhand comment. In between terms of Occidental College and Columbia University, Obama had traveled to Pakistan with Hamid, staying with Chandoo’s family in Karachi.

Of course, there is the problem that Pakistan was then under martial law and forbade Americans, Jews, and Christians from entering the country, and that Obama may have used an Indonesian passport to enter the country, identifying himself as a Muslim. It also appears that both Chandoo and Hamid retained their friendship with Obama up until at least 2008 (as both were listed as part of an Obama-for-2008 Asian Americans Leadership Council), and both contributed to Obama’s 2008 campaign. But that is not my point here.

My point is that the Left uses what Andrew Breitbart called the strategy of a “controlled explosion.” For example, when BuzzFeed got word that Breitbart.com was going to reveal the Obama-Derrick Bell video tapes, they released an edited version of the tape before Breitbart.com in order to minimize the importance of the connection. By the time Breitbart released the full tapes, CNN had begun going on the offensive to “prove” that Bell was really not radical (to the point where MSM lackey Soledad O’Brien was caught having a Wikipedia article on Bell whispered in her ear, trying to prove how moderate he was.) This of course resulted in what many saw as an O’Brien meltdown while interviewing Breitbart editor Joel Pollack and more than likely contributed to CNN’s recently-tanked ratings, revealing CNN (like MSNBC) to be nothing more than an Obama Administration cheerleader.

The point being is that Maraniss’ biography, due to be released in full in June, is nothing more than a preemptive strike being used by the Obama Administration in order to minimize in a rather large way some impending revelation. What exactly the revelation is, I have not ascertained. (It more than likely will include Obama’s relationship with Bill Ayers during the New York years, Obama’s girlfriend Genevieve Cook attending the same college as Ayers in 1983 and 1984, the two more than likely attending the same classes, and Obama living literally a five-minute walk from Ayers. What I have ascertained, however, is that Maraniss is in bed with the Obama Administration.

BuzzFeed, also being completely in the tank with Obama, is not revealing anything with the 1996 DSA connection, except that they know some future Obama revelation is imminent.

Having said all of this, I warn conservatives not to throw gasoline on BuzzFeed’s non-existent fire as some websites have done by reporting on BuzzFeed’s “revelation.”

We are in a war for this country. Obama and his Leftist friends that want to “transform” our country by turning it into a European democratic-socialist oligarchy like the EU countries have become, versus our Constitutional Republic.

In a war, we cannot and must not sleep. In a war, we must be vigilant and realize that there are, as oddly as it may sound about a media organization, double agents like BuzzFeed.

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