Don’t Want Facebook to Read Your Messages?


When you message a friend on Facebook, post a tweet for all your followers on Twitter or send an email using Gmail, your communications are being recorded by these sites. But Sean McGregor, 26, doesn’t think they should be — if you don’t want — and he wants to give you back control over your privacy.

McGregor said in an interview with the Blaze that he believes right now there are two options. Option A) surrender your privacy in favor of continuing to use social media and other forms of online communication (most would probably choose this). Option B) abandon all online communication. McGregor is developing a middle ground. It’s a function he says will “only enhance the capabilities of the social web” by putting control of who sees what into your hands.

The function is called — short for Shared Priv(ate)ly — which was started by McGregor and other computer science PhD candidates at Oregon State University. The team is currently raising funds on a Kickstarter site to take the project to the next level. So far they have exceeded their goal with more than $17,000 raised. In nearly doubling their original goal of $10,000 and with five days left on the funding website, McGregor said he sees the support as “validation of the concept.”

“It’s a fairly technical concept to grasp,” McGregor said. “A lot of the support is a statement that people really care about privacy.”

Read More at The Blaze. By Liz Klimas.

Photo Credit: (Creative Commons)


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