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Don’t Blow the Opportunity Obama Has Handed Us



It appears the Republican Party establishment and some conservative commentators have come up with another mistaken tactic to woo the low information and undecided voters. With the avalanche of scandals swirling around the Obama administration and the Democratic Party, the political message promoted by these politicians and pundits is that these scandals are the outcome of a government that has grown too large to control and should therefore be dramatically cut back.

The Republican Party landscape is littered with the carcasses of failed strategies and this approach will also not succeed. First, it is nearly impossible to explain in simple and easily understood terms why the government is too large and how that aided in creating the scandals and economic difficulties the nation faces. Particularly when the largely uninformed target audience is either dependent on government or has been led to believe government is the ultimate arbiter of prosperity. Second, while there is no question that government must get smaller, the exponential growth of government is not the cause of the scandals. Rather it too is an end-product of a process whose origin is basic and easily grasped.

The American founding fathers understood that government expands and becomes tyrannical not because it is inherently corrupt, but government, because of its unique role in the affairs of a nation, can easily be transformed into an overwhelming instrument of oppression and self-aggrandizement. That transformation occurs over an extended period of time primarily as a consequence of political and national leaders who are devoid of character, honor and integrity seeking to amass power and ego gratification, regardless of the long-term implications to the well being and future of the country.

This process, while slowly evolving over the past eighty years, has hit the crisis point with the most corrupt and ideological administration in American history, coupled with the massive infiltration of government agencies and the mainstream media by those motivated by ideology, greed and narcissism. Thus the scandals presently monopolizing the headlines are not the direct result of out of control government but the near total lack of ethics, honesty and integrity among those in government and increasingly throughout society in general.

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