Donald Trump will be the Forty-fourth President of the United States


Barack Hussein Obama is a fake and soon that will be an established fact. He was not born in Hawaii or any other part of the United States of America, nor was his father an American citizen. Both of these facts will disqualify him when they are proved. The trance he and his Party put America in is rapidly lifting and the nation’s eyes and ears are opening to well grounded charges that Obama is a fraud.

Republican self identified TEA partier and proud “birther” Donald Trump, a man with the money and platform to deconstruct Obama’s web of lies, has stepped forward to challenge the Obama scam. He has put into motion a chain of events that will destroy the Obama façade in short order. Trump is the quintessential TEA partier. He loves America just as it is, and will never curtsy before foreign leaders.

When Trump is finished with Obama he will turn his attentions to proving why he should be the Republican nominee next year. That task will prove easier than ending Obama’s political career. Pop quiz: There are at least eight to ten Republicans “seriously thinking” about running for president, name five and tell why they can create a “buzz.”

The answers are: Who knows and who cares because none of them are genuine presidential material only people who can beat Obama and bring tired old ideas to Washington.

Donald Trump is not a politician and given the damage politicians in general and Democrat politicians in particular have done to our nation this is a big plus.

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