Does Obama succeed if he fails?


Jay Ambrose, Washington Times

Suppose, as seems a distinct possibility, that the sloppily crafted, spend-to-oblivion stimulus package does precious little near-term good while causing eventual runaway inflation, a teetering dollar, huge tax increases and overall diminution of American prosperity and power. Will Barack Obama pay a political price?

Maybe not. Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal fiscal policies did not end the Depression and may have done more harm than good, but he was perceived as bold and caring, a dynamic leader making the best of the situation while here and there easing pain.

President Obama’s approval ratings are high. He has excited the country as a man of exceptional intellect and a seemingly calm, determined, self-possessed temperament. He conveys a sense of genuine regard for the welfare of others. He is widely viewed as honest and someone intent on doing the right thing whatever the obstacles.


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