Does Obama even care about Border Security?


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Last week, the Justice Department, under the mandate of the Obama administration, served papers that it will be suing Arizona because of Arizona Senate Bill 1070.

The Obama government argues that a state such as Arizona cannot pass a law that already falls under a federal law, and has decided to sue Arizona over the law.

Obama has also decided to apologize to China about the law, reveal the lawsuit to Ecuadorean tv before Arizona, encourage federal agencies to boycott Arizona, and allow Mexico to join in on the lawsuit.

What? It seems like Obama cares more about pleasing foreign countries and special interest groups than it does defending the borders of the United States of America. And if Obama really cared about federal control of immigration, it would be suing Sanctuary cities as well.

Arizona is home to more than 460,000 illegal immigrants, and is the largest getaway into the U.S. for illegals.

And the Obama said last week that the border is the safest it has ever been? Cue the laugh track now.

The Obama administration is not truly concerned with border enforcement. Enforcing the border actually takes work and dedication. We have seen time and again this administration fails in its duty in order to make some special interest happy.

From allowing terrorists onto planes even when they’re on the no-fly list (December 2010) to completely disregarding the constitution and powers of the executive branch (forcing BP to pay $20 billion in damages), we are constantly reminded of the government acting beyond its constitutional power.

The Arizona law does exactly what the federal government has not: enforce the border. What qualms should Obama have with a law that actually defends our country from illegal immigration?

What American citizen would oppose Arizona law 1070? Those that profit from the labor of illegals and the “make sure we don’t offend anyone” Obama camp are the only ones.

If Obama were to defend our border as fervently as he is attempting to force Arizona law 1070 off the state constitution, we would not have an immigration problem at all. It is too bad Barack’s priorities are so out of whack.

This attempt to keep everyone happy (think Obama wearing Muslim clothes, trying to have peace talks with North Korea, etc.) is a reflection of Barack’s bend over mentality; this same mentality will lead to the demise of our country.

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