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Today, in order to graduate, a student must learn to wallow in the sewer of Academic depravity from sex classes to women’s studies to satanic performances during Holy Week, to the advance of totalitarianism to hate for anything pure and innocent. Of course, it is also necessary to remove any element of faith in the Transcendent. As a part of the culture of death, there is no tolerance for those who understand the sanctity of human life from conception to natural death. The very existence of the United States as “one Nation under God” raises Academia’s ire as they accuse the most accomplished nation in history of polluting the earth and destroying other nations. Their idea of the greatest worldwide pollution is the existence of 5.5 billion too many human beings who must be eliminated at all costs. (Ask Zeke Emanuel, the architect of Obamacare, what he thinks!)

My wife and I attended the commencement exercises of our Goddaughter a few years ago. The atmosphere was raucous – not because of normal student relief , but because the President of the school bragged about racial diversity to the cheers of many. The broad range of gifts and talents the school helped develop wasn’t on her Radar. The clincher was when the faculty was introduced, the vast majority came dressed like Mike Rowe after cleaning out a trough. So little self-respect – much less – for their students.

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Mike missed the one dirtiest job of all – that of today’s Academic who fathered political correctness, demeaned labor, vilified the Founders and the Republic they gave us, and proselytized for a spiritual vacuum. They discourage free enterprise, the core of capitalism when not under the thumb of money manipulators. They whore for grants to study pre-conceived notions such as man-made global warming.  In my opinion, Academia, with precious few exceptions, harbors the most willing of its members to wallow in the sewer of depravity and debt they have created for the rest of us, especially their students.

Time to restore Beauty to the top instead of the sewer. Mike is helping show us how to do it.

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