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Did the Government Let Brian Terry Die to Save an Illegal Alien?


by Suzanne Eovaldi

Was Brian Terry left to die in the desolate Peck Canyon region of Arizona because government officials decided to airlift out the injured illegal alien first on the only Medivac helicopter available? Hard to fathom, but apparently true according to an credible tip this website received soon after the horrific shootout with Fast and Furious guns, which the Obama Justice Department put in the hands of Mexican criminals.

No one is reporting the allegation that Brian Terry was left to die, because some politically correct official decided to airlift out the illegal border jumper on the only BORSTAR helicopter available. CiR.com received this alleged information from a tipster who said: “Bottom line: a series of bad Border Patrol/Department of Homeland Security procedures, policies, and protocol, all designed to protect Mexican criminals inside the U.S., most likely resulted in the needless death of Agent Brian Terry on the night of Dec. 14, 2010.” The news tip went on to say: “The word is out that when Agent Terry and the illegal alien, a bandit, twice deported, who assaulted another Phoenix cop, were wounded in their shootout, the decision was made to airlift out the alien on the only BORSTAR helicopter available in that desolate region of the U.S. Now under a very strict gag order by brass, D.C., Nogales, and Tucson agents have been threatened with firings, job terminations if they are caught talking about the facts of Terry’s murder!”

Our unconfirmed and unattributable source told us that Terry was finally loaded onto some desert transport overland vehicle and driven out somewhere where another copter was parked, not nearby.


Our tipster then urged us to keep the heat on and push “with all our might” for hearings with the new Congress. So now, if this tip is true, the entire Fast and Furious epic scandal takes on an even more sinister tone. As Brian Terry lay dying in the Peck Canyon, did he wonder why his government did not think he was worth saving? Was he able to stay lucid through his death throes to wonder why some cruel official thought a criminal illegal alien’s life was more important than his? Did our bright star die from wounds made worse from being bounced overland over very rough terrain?

Was our young border agent sacrificed on the Obama administration’s altar of its Hispanic voter push?

We had this story last January; now let’s hope Congress keeps Brian Terry’s death on its list of Fast and Furious elements to investigate.

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This article originally appeared on CoachIsRight.com and is reprinted with permission.


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