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Did Romney cut a deal with the MSM?


There are no accidents in the liberal media. There are only manipulative ploys.

So it’s interesting that Mitt Romney has not (yet) been subjected to the politics of personal destruction, unlike his conservative rivals. Karl Rove has publicly attacked everybody except Romney, and Bush 41 instantly came out for Mitt as soon as every other candidate was reduced to a smoking, charred hulk.

I personally like George 41 and 43 compared to the Gang from Chicago. Obama is a Eurosocialist surrender donkey, which is very bad in the age of unstoppable nuclear proliferation and Eurosocialism. With a smiling face, add a billion people regressing to the 7th century in the House of Islam, and the danger is easy to see.

Nothing in the Ruling Class happens by accident, except when they lose control. Like Governor Palin rising to fabulous popularity in the John McCain fiasco. Or those brief, shining moments when real conservatives are allowed to run for the Republican nomination.

Mitt Romney actually sent his personal Svengali on national TV to drop the word “etch-a-sketch” into the media. The libs instantly let out a sigh of relief because that means Mitt is ready to swing left any time it suits him.

Mitt will get carpet-bombed, of course, but not until his competition is dead. This is a good reason to keep Gingrich, Santorum, and maybe Governor Palin alive for a brokered convention.

Sarah Palin may speak for a hundred million conservative Americans. Mitt Romney speaks for the only candidate who has not been nailed by the rad-lib media: Mitt Romney.

The make-or-break question now is simple:  Can Willard Romney give 100 million real conservatives an incentive to vote for him?

The only way is for Romney to pick a conservative for Veep.  If he picks a liberal or a wishy-washy running mate, 100 million conservatives may wonder if it’s worth turning out on Election Day.

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore (Creative Commons)

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