When Salt Lake City attorney Jesse Trentadue filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the Clinton Department of Justice and Federal Bureau of Prisons in 1997, he had no idea that the scraps of information grudgingly released by the federal government would be the first in a 15 year trail of evidence detailing the criminal involvement of the FBI, CIA, ATF, and United States Secret Service in the planning and execution of the Oklahoma City bombing.

Since the 1995 murder of his brother Kenneth in his cell at the Federal Transfer Center in Oklahoma City, Trentadue has badgered, bullied, harassed, threatened and sued by the federal government of the United States. His Freedom of Information Act requests and inevitable lawsuits against those government agencies which have rigorously ignored them have provided extraordinary evidence of federal intrigue spanning three White House administrations.

  • He has documented the cover-up of FBI and Department of Justice involvement in his brother’s murder, a cover-up engineered by then-Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder;
  • He has obtained evidence of CIA spy satellites concentrated on the Elohim City location of Oklahoma City bombing conspirators and bomb makers;
  • He has documented the roles played by FBI and ATF informants in the target selection of the Alfred P. Murrah building and the acquisition of bomb making materials;
  • He has records of a telephone contact to Elohim City confederates by bomber Tim McVeigh two days prior to the blast;
  • He has demonstrated that the FBI systematically erased key moments in video recordings detailing the route traveled by the Ryder truck used in the bombing;
  • He has forced the FBI to cynically claim in federal court that a video of individuals filmed climbing out of that Ryder truck three minutes before the bomb’s detonation, which is known to exist, has “been lost”;
  • He spent two days with Terry Nichols at the penitentiary at Florence, Colorado, obtaining information denied the American media by Bush-43 Attorney General John Ashcroft;
  • He has revealed the names and roles of FBI and ATF informants, demonstrating that their participation in the murder of 168 people in the Murrah building was later ignored by an FBI, which labeled at least one of these people–Roger Moore–an “untouchable”; and
  • He has demonstrated the government’s role in the murders of Richard Lee Guthrie and Kenneth Trentadue’s fellow prisoner at the Federal Transfer Center, Alden Gillis Baker. Both were found hanged in their cells while in custody at federal prison facilities. Like that of Kenneth Trentadue, both deaths were ruled suicide by prison officials.

Over the coming days and weeks, CoachIsRight.com will develop the above information and a great deal more in a re-telling of what is arguably the most sinister and mind-boggling display of federal arrogance, abuse of power, and contempt for the public trust in the nation’s history. All will be thoroughly attributed with extensive documentation, much of it provided, however unwillingly, by agencies of the Department of Justice.

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Throughout Jesse Trentadue’s quest, pivotal questions remain which even today he cannot answer to his own satisfaction. Were the April 1995 deaths of 168 unsuspecting people at the Alfred P. Murrah building the result of a legitimate FBI/Department of Justice sting operation gone horribly wrong? Or were lives lost and families destroyed and the public haunted by images of dead infants being carried from the rubble, because unimaginably evil and power hungry denizens of Washington, D.C., believed a tragedy like Oklahoma City would ensure a new level of federal department funding and increased power over the rights of American citizens which can only be acquired following disasters of massive proportions?

After all, consider the hundreds of billions of dollars invested, the new departments founded, and liberties we as citizens have lost as a result of 9/11! Was Oklahoma City an FBI–concocted, 9/11-in-miniature? Evidence exists that it could indeed be the case.

Use this site to contact your Congressional Representative to demand answers:

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This article originally appeared on CoachIsRight.com and is reprinted with permission.


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