Did Ayers Help Obama Get Into Harvard?


Barack Obama speech 4 SC

Although terrorist emeritus Bill Ayers claims not to have met Barack Obama until the mid-1990s, there is reason to believe that he not only knew Obama much earlier, but that he helped get him into Harvard Law School.

The evidence, substantial if speculative, can be found in an unlikely source, Barack Obama’s 2006 bestseller, Audacity of Hope, and it may have been provided by Ayers himself.

In the way of background, I have made the argument on these pages that Bill Ayers wrote the better part of Obama’s acclaimed 1995 memoir, Dreams From My Father.

From the beginning of my research, I had focused on Dreams because the myth of Obama’s genius is built squarely upon this first book.  So well crafted is Dreams that it inspired British author Jonathan Raban to annoint Obama “the best writer to occupy the White House since Lincoln,” and his is the consensus opinion among the world’s literati.

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