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DEVO Predicted American Decline In The 1980s


This wildly creative late 70s-80s group had an interesting premise: modern man was devolving due to pollution, radiation, mutation, and social pathology.

As a kid, I thought the future would be somewhere between Granddad’s Buck Rogers cartoon strip and the original Star Trek TV series.

Little did I know that Mad Max or Escape from New York was more the coming motif. Super drugs like crack and super deviation like liberalism insured a country the likes of which traditionalists had never seen.

So here I am in my 40s fighting for Old School values in a nation abandoning them at warp speed.

Modern man is indeed devolving, as the long litany of negative social stats bears out. The Obama administration seems determined to warp-speed this entropy.

Despite having the social devolution market cornered in entertainment, DEVO wasn’t a conservative group.

That’s why it’s all the more ironic that their art is a creative “canary in a cage” for traditionalists watching America devolve into something out of our worst nightmares.

“Oh dad- we’re all DEVO “, their mascot Booji (produced “Boogie”) Boy told his father in the song “Jocko Homo” (also one of their pioneering music videos.)

Booji Boy represented the infantile mindset DEVO felt afflicted modern man. After these last four years (and the recent fiscal cliff fiasco), few can argue the character’s prophetic truth.

Will Americans eventually devolve en masse into something unrecognizable?

Looks like we’re already there!


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