Despite Obama’s Defense, GMA Maintains Their Solyndra Scandal Blackout


For the 33rd consecutive day, ABC’s Good Morning America on Tuesday omitted any mention of the Obama administration’s Solyndra scandal, even though co-host George Stephanopoulos asked the President about it in an interview on Monday and elicited a newsworthy defense of the more than $500 million loan to the now-bankrupt company.

Tuesday’s show instead focused on other questions from the ABCNews / Yahoo! online interview, like the best piece of advice the President has received from his wife and whether or not he would stop Bank of America’s new monthly debt card fee.

Stephanopoulos pressed Obama on Monday about his touting of Solyndra as a cornerstone of his stimulus program not even 18 months before it declared bankruptcy. In fact, he even included the exchange in his segment on that evening’s ABC World News.

“And for the first time, President Obama had to answer for Solyndra, the solar panel company which failed despite half a million dollars in government loans from the Energy Department,” Stephanopoulos touted on Monday’s World News. “President Obama had held it up as a model for green jobs and clean energy.”

“Do you regret that?” Stephanopoulos asked the President about the Solyndra loan.

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