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Dems Struggle To Keep The Black Vote


The last time African-American ministers told their congregations NOT to vote for a Democrat was in 1908. In 1912, using lies and false promises of a “cabinet position” to W.E.B. Dubois, the deeply racist Woodrow Wilson tricked him into being a Judas goat who would lead blacks onto the Democrats’ plantation. Before that, African-Americans were Republicans. Nevertheless, with Wilson’s first term, they gradually became more and more Democrat. But that was then, and this is now.

Barack Obama has asked more and more of “his people” over his term in office. They have had to endure rising unemployment, bottom-rung schools, crime-ridden neighborhoods, and being pushed aside in favor of the Democrats’ “new best friends”, the Hispanics. Now Obama has asked them to put their Christian faith aside for his reelection. Obama has asked African-Americans to accept homosexual marriage, something large numbers of black people find repulsive, so HE can stay in the good graces of the gay community.

When Obama had his most recent “evolution” as to where he stands on gay “marriage”, it alarmed and infuriated the African-American community, especially the black clergy. Because of Obama, black ministers all over America are being forced to either turn their back on the Bible and the spiritual well-being of their people or turn their backs on local Democrat-controlled governments that fund the social programs they run from their pulpits.

Making things still worse is the fact that the Democrats have taken God out of their platform. God-fearing African-Americans are left to wonder if the Democrats even believe in God.

Some black ministers are fighting back and saying “No!” to Obama’s re-election. Other ministers are serving as “plantation police” and trying to figure out how to herd blacks back into their stockade.  A group of black ministers from Virginia met this past week to figure out how to do this, but this won’t be easy. In Maryland alone, the 8,000-strong National Black Church Initiative, a group of African-Americans, will be working each day to defeat gay “marriage” and anyone – including Obama who supports it.

When have we ever seen such organized opposition to a Democrat candidate for president in our lifetimes?

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