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Dems Hold Military Hostage Over Amnesty


Photo Credit: Donkey Hotey Creative Commons

The Left has shown its colors once again. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has just attached a provision to a military funding bill that would grant amnesty to a whole class of illegal immigrants.

The provision, known as the DREAM Act, would allow those who can “prove” they illegally broke into this country as children the right to full American citizenship if they attend college or join the military. By hitching this ridiculous measure to a military spending bill, Reid single-handedly proved his subservience to the Open Borders Lobby and held up critical funding for our troops, currently fighting one declared war and one war the president pretends has come to an end.

Obama regularly makes the military pay the price for his domestic policy agenda, whether cutting their budget (and theirs alone), or throwing the government’s case against the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy. Our troops deserve better. But this is simply the first move in his full court press for amnesty.

No fewer than six Cabinet secretaries addressed the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute public policy conference Monday and Tuesday. Janet Napolitano did her best Joe Isuzu impression, claiming that the Obama administration had secured the border completely. “We have met ever benchmark set,” she lied. The border is “as secure as it ever was,” she continued, adding that the Department of Justice had cleared a backlog of immigration court cases. Then she thundered Congressional Republicans must “quit moving the goal posts” and “fix our broken immigration system” by passing “comprehensive immigration reform.”

That, of course, means amnesty.

Convincing the American people Obama has done due diligence along the Rio Grande is a truly Orwellian inversion of reality. Although 68 percent of Americans support building a border fence, the federal government has built only half of the 700-mile fence authorized in 2006. It is true the DoJ has cleared its illegal immigration docket — by dismissing thousands of pending immigration cases, potentially letting off as many as 726,000 illegals.

Napolitano’s words winked at the audience. She promised, “We’ll never seal the border.” And she strayed into overtly territory. “Your voice is your vote, Man. Your vote is the currency this town lives on.”

And Napolitano’s party lives well on those votes, indeed. Hispanics are a large and growing Democratic voting bloc. A full 67 percent of Hispanics voted for Barack Obama in 2008, including 79 percent of Hispanic youths — those most affected by the DREAM Act.

Meanwhile, the president does everything he can to keep military personnel from voting overseas.

The old maxim that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely surely holds here. How else can one explain an entire U.S. administration more committed to servicing the rights of foreigners over those of American citizens in order to keep hold of the reins?

Photo Credit: Donkey Hotey Creative Commons


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