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Exhibit F:  Indefinite Detention

This is where the ACLU meets Ted Cruz, both accusing the president of violating the very heart of due process, the rule of law, and constitutional protections.  Based only on suspicion, a citizen can be arrested, detained without charge, and held indefinitely. Even the far left is aghast, including Rachel Maddow. More splintering of the sacred Alinsky Coalition.

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Exhibit G:  A War President & failed foreign policy

He left Iraq too early after opposing that war.  Now the country is a mess; and remarkably, just recently, he gave a speech in Europe defending the legality of American intervention.  Talk about being all over the map, as this Leftist points out.

Obama is failing in Afghanistan.  He fails in the face of Russian aggression.  He fails to confront North Korea and Iran.  He can’t even get the Japanese to agree on trade. The far left is livid over his use of drones and his inability to build alliances. Many decry his efforts to overthrow Qaddafi in Libya, resulting in massive violence and chaos.  The least that can be said is that Obama is an enormous force for destabilization, no matter where he goes.  Did I mention 100,000+ civilian casualties in Syria due in part to American weakness? Many on the Left see Obama as a warlord, willing to kill Americans with drones and to topple sovereign governments without any authority.  The Coalition splits accordingly.

Exhibit H:  Free speech, freedom of religion, freedom of conscience, and surveillance

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People on both sides of the spectrum stand amazed at Obama’s casual allowance for trashing the Bill of Rights.  Radical homosexuals attack private citizens for upholding traditional marriage.  They enlist human rights commissions to prosecute traditionalists, who are penalized with fines for speaking their minds. Businesses are shut down by the tyranny of extra-judicial activism designed to destroy anyone holding to traditional marriage. Same-sex marriage activists drive people from their jobs.  They issue death threats.  And all the while, Obama remains silently supportive. He passes healthcare laws that force people of faith to violate conscience and ignores their right to protest and resist.  He uses his DOJ to persecute anti-abortion activists.  He endorses hate crimes, which in reality impose unconstitutional limits on free speech.  Then, there’s the surveillance controversy, as this Leftist writer points out.

Exhibit I:  Occupy Wall Street vs. the Tea Party

The Tea Party started with a straightforward proposal:  lower taxes, balance the budget, reduce government spending, and limit government.  These were and are common sense, traditional values espoused by conservatives all the way back to the founding era. The Tea Party has been very effective in educating people about our first principles, values, and ideas that have been wildly successful when applied earnestly.  The Tea Party has also been effective in urging Republicans to start acting like Republicans.  And the Tea Party has shown that the Alinsky Coalition is driven mostly by thugs with graduate degrees whose policies fail over and over.  In this regard, Occupy Wall Street helped the Tea Party a great deal.  The contrast is stark and instructive:  OWS people clearly displayed their depravity as the Tea Party consistently showed its goodness. All these dynamics instructed Americans to reject the politics of division and destruction so clearly practiced by the Alinsky Coalition.

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