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On affirmative discrimination, it’s the same thing. More and more people press for equal treatment under the law, a reasonable stance given years of institutionalized favoritism.  The Supreme Court recently affirmed a state’s right to move away from these discriminatory practices.  Is the debate engaged with facts and logic?  Hell no. Some childish clown in the Democrat ranks attacked Justice Thomas calling him an “Uncle Tom,” one of the most vicious denunciations this side of the N-word.  Did anyone in the romper room condemn his remark?  Anybody at the NAACP object?  No? Why?

Ranchers and average citizens who’ve battled the federal government over use of federal lands (the people’s land) for years finally decide that their only recourse is armed resistance in the face of attack by the feds.  Those brave souls, exercising their God-given right to hold government accountable, do not get a fair hearing by spoiled psychos like Harry Reid. Instead, they are called names, characterized as traitors, and threatened.

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And on social issues—-abortion, same sex marriage, and gender issues—-there is no place in the romper room for reasoned discussion, facts, or compromise.  The message is clear: get in line, or suffer the consequences.  This is where the toddlers truly turn totalitarian, waging war against anyone who dares disagree and dissent. A CEO who opposes same-sex marriage is figuratively lynched and driven from his job.  A couple with a photography business in New Mexico is destroyed for declining to photograph a same-sex ceremony. Another couple with a bakery in Oregon is similarly driven out of business amid death threats.

And anyone who opposes murdering children in the womb is cast waging a war on women according to Obots, people who insist on turning this once-great republic into a national daycare center, run by radicalized incompetents who specialize in scandal, defeat, and demoralization.

The most important issues of concern to the majority—-jobs, the economy, taxes, and government spending—-are purposefully being ignored by Democrats this year, and there is only one reason for it: they care more about re-election than they do about The People.

Perhaps once-great Democrats in the tradition of JFK and Moynihan will join other grownups exercising common sense and help us get this country back on track.  But if romper room prevails, it will be bare knuckles from here on out.

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