Democrats’ racial strategy


Photo Credit: Donkey Hotey Creative Commons

Gerry Hudson, Executive Vice President of SEIU, offered the following analysis on how to move the black community from opposing to supporting comprehensive immigration reform. He said in effect that blacks must be convinced that the opposition is racist:

“…[A]nd this is where you get the black workers first, [you tell them that opponents of immigration reform are] …so f—ing rabidly racist, ‘til black people get scared…So, you can organize them quicker…”

Hudson, who is black, has offered is a caricature of black Americans worthy of the Ku Klux Klan. Blacks are stupid, shallow and easily manipulated if you just scare them with charges of racism. White and black liberals apparently believe this caricature, because they persistently use the race card to motivate black voters.

That is why accusing the Tea Party of racism has become a Democrat talking point. The liberal media has made “angry white folks” the theme in almost every story about the Tea Party activists. They want the black community to look only at the issue of race and be afraid, very afraid. Black voters need not question whether spending is out of control, or if forcing people to buy health care is unconstitutional. The highly dubious policies of the Obama administration are lost in the fog of racial accusations.

Read More: By E.W. Jackson, The Daily Caller

Photo Credit: Donkey Hotey (Creative Commons)


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