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Video: Democrats, Not Colbert, Make a Mockery of the Border


Stephen Colbert’s testimony before Congress this morning was less wasteful, farcical, and costly than Democrats’ claims they have secured the border. Colbert’s six-minute shtick consumed far less time, money, and patience than the expensive charade the Obama administration is carrying out along our southern border and in immigration courtrooms all points north. Although Colbert is a buffoon, he is easier to believe than Secretary Janet Napolitano when she claims “the border is as secure as it has ever been.”

Fox News’ Megyn Kelly estimated today’s political sideshow cost taxpayers a mere $125,000. The Comedy Central star’s bewildering testimony occurred as a result of an invitation from Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren, a left-wing California Democrat (but then I repeat myself).

For once, Rep. John Conyers tried to avert embarrassment by asking Colbert “to leave the committee room completely and submit your [written] statement instead.” Lofgren demanded he speak because he would add “pizazz” and had generated so much “coverage.” Lofgren last received national coverage in 2004, when authorities arrested her staffer Susan Lindauer, accusing her of accepting $10,000 to act as an agent of Saddam Hussein’s Iraqi Intelligence Service. Lindauer was later ruled mentally unfit to stand trial because of a psychiatric disorder — which at once explains her support for Lofgren and Lofgren’s attraction to her.

Instead, the comedic psycho went forward as an “expert witness,” on the grounds that for his television show he had spent one day working with illegal aliens in a United Farm Workers publicity stunt. “I believe one day of me studying anything makes me an expert,” he said. During the testimony, he asked to have footage of his recent colonoscopy submitted into the Congressional Record. He then whipped off a few more jokes — although no one much laughed — and asked Congress to grant border-jumpers an “improved legal status.”

Most Americans felt Colbert’s unfunny stint wasted their time and money — but not Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. She called his appearance entirely “appropriate. He’s an American, right?” Pelosi asked. “He comes before the committee, he has a point of view, he can bring attention to an important issue like immigration. I think it’s great.”

Conyers would later call Colbert’s testimony “profound.”

Colbert’s testimony was not profound, nor was it even the biggest travesty Congressional Democrats had perpetrated against our borders this week. Earlier this week, the Senate narrowly voted down Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s attempt to hold military funding hostage and sneak through the DREAM Act. Meanwhile, the Obama administration claims it has already secured the border, as it explores imposing amnesty by fiat, dismisses lawsuits against illegal immigrants, sues Sheriff Joe Arpaio for not cooperating with a federal witch-hunt, and even hauls the state of Arizona before human rights abusers at the UN because of its decision to implement immigration law. Congress should not have heard from Governor Jan Brewer and border sheriffs Arpaio, Larry Dever, and Paul Babeu about the human rights violations American citizens face because of Obama’s de facto amnesty program including paramilitary clashes, drug trafficking, murders, increased gang activity, rampant kidnappings, sexual assaults, crime, soaring welfare costs, home invasions, overcrowded schools, hospital closures caused by skyrocketing medical costs, job losses, bulging prison detentions, bilingual status, property damage, environmental degradation, and overburdened infrastructure.

The Democratic Party owes the American people an apology for this morning’s testimony and the more consequential waste its policies have inflicted on the American people. As with Colbert’s testimony today, no one is laughing.


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