Democrats as a whole have commended President Obama’s budget proposal for 2013, but in a few telling instances, members of the president’s party are seeking a bit of distance.

Those Democrats tend to come from red states where the president’s poll numbers are underwater, and their critique of Obama’s plan — or their choice to stay silent — could foretell reelection races where Democrats will run away from the president in the fall.

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Obama on Monday unveiled a $3.8 trillion budget that Republicans claim is far too bloated. It calls for increased revenues but also targeted tax cuts, cutting spending in areas like defense while upping the dollars going to transportation and other projects.

White House officials predict the annual deficit will fall from $1.33 trillion in 2012 to $901 billion in 2013, but Republicans — and some Democrats — argue that isn’t nearly enough.

It is highly unlikely the budget will be implemented in anything like the form Obama presented, but the proposal symbolizes Obama’s economic priorities heading into the last year of his first term — and his bid for reelection.

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